Tlm skin matching foundation – Review

In principle, shading changing cosmetics sounds lovely, darn cool, also advantageous. A foundation or tinted lotion that supernaturally matches each, and every skin tone? Heaven.
If it works, this can honestly be a game-changer if you’re a makeup artist. Imagine having one foundation that works for everybody in your kit. Here is our exclusive Tlm skin matching foundation Review.

Description and claims

tlm skin matching foundation
tlm skin matching foundation

Tlm foundation color changing; it comes on white and supposedly adjusts to your color.
It’s an advanced formula, and it has an all-day flawless finish it has an SPF 15 and reminds me of Makeup For Ever Ultra HD because of the claims that it has. this foundation claims to be like a flawless finish, so I’m assuming it’s like a medium to full coverage.

This color changing foundation is supposed to auto adjust to whatever your skin tone is and make it Hydra luminous. This foundation lightener contains a radiant complexion that looks freshly applied all day long lasts up to 16 hours.

And it’s the reason why it went viral on Instagram you’ve probably seen the videos going around.

Recommendations and directions

Taylor Wynn

• To boast the formula of TLM foundation, you should give it a good old shake before use.

• Always apply foundations on a washed and moisturized face for best results. You might prep your skin with a primer as well.

• Squirt it into a foundation brush or sponge.

• You will notice that it smells like baby powder or baby wipes, the fragrance tends to fade through the application.

One layer is enough for a light and radiant coverage; otherwise, it will start feeling sticky.

tlm foundation color changing
TLM foundation color changing

The price

color changing foundationTLM Foundation Cream, Flawless Colour Changing Liquid FoundationCheck the price amazon 2

The consistency and how it blends out

It feels more like a lotion or a sunscreen. it doesn’t have the heavy feeling of foundations. As you rub it out on your hand, it continues to have that white cast.


foundation lightener
Taylor Wynn

Once you finish applying the TLM foundation color changing, at first, your face will look whit-ish. It provides light coverage with a luminous radiance. After a few seconds, it starts to turn into the right shade ( for my case, definitely closer to my neck). Since TLM is light coverage, I can still see some redness and freckles and stuff coming. Still, overall it looks pretty actually, especially for an everyday makeup look with SPF provided too.
So it takes about two minutes to change colorfully. It changes a whole lot more compared to the pure white product that first came out of the bottle. It doesn’t seem to be clinging to my dryness, while I do have a lot of dryness.

The innovation, beyond any doubt, sounds genuine. Nonetheless, these types of products don’t adjust to every skin. The darker skin tones are frequently underserved.

color changing foundationTLM Foundation Cream, Flawless Colour Changing Liquid FoundationCheck the price amazon 2

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