Christmas Gift: Essence Advent Makeup Calendar review

Do you remember advent calendars? I had one when I was a kid and had a little mouse in it that you had to move each day, you countdown until Christmas. Well, essence has come out with one that is makeup themed and this is so cool!
According to Essence, this is chock-full of their favorite makeup products and the whole thing retails for $45. so you’re getting 24 different makeup products.
This article will show you every single product that is within this calendar, that could be worth getting as a gift for someone that you love or for yourself.

Day 1:

You are given a volumizing mascara, just part of their I love extreme line. I love essence mascaras from the standpoint of the price point, they’re extremely affordable, usually about two to three dollars. The formula is great with these two they do give an amazing volume to the lashes and it’s not too wet it’s not too dry. it lasts all day it doesn’t clump doesn’t flake for the most part I mean some mascaras can be hit and miss but this one was excellent. I am happy that they included one with this calendar.

Day 2:

Essence gives you a glitter nail polish. this is in the shade season two Sparkle it is a beautiful light gold perfect for the holiday is very festive.

Day 3:

They give you a mini glitter nail file great for travel great for sticking in your purse in your car wherever you may need an extra nail file hanging around.

Day 4:

you are given an eyeliner pencil. this is in the shade Teddy and I’ve not ever been disappointed in any of the eyeliner pencils from essence. Personally, I feel like for the price point that they are they are one of the best quality drugstore eyeliner pencils I’ve ever tried.

Day 5:

you are given jewelry nail stickers. They are festive, a great way to change up your nails if you want to do something different for the holidays.

Day 6:

you are given a baked metallic highlighter. this is such a wonderful little highlighter extremely vibrant on the application, a little bit of this goes a long way.

It’s not like the elf ones it looks that way initially and that’s what I was afraid of when I first started using it, where you have to scrape off the top of the elf baked highlighters to get the product to truly come out, this is you simply swipe the brush over the top of it and then apply it on the skin and it’s amazing!! it’s simply beautiful.

Day 7:

Santa Baby nail polish! this is basically a traditional red mini nail polish along that same holiday theme.

Day 8:

the next product is a velvet matte lipstick and this is a simple red shade and the only indicator that I can see on it for a name is a dye B. I’m not sure if that’s the actual name of this or not but it’s a beautiful blue-based red. one of those shades that will flatter many different skin tones.

Day 9:

you are given a soft contouring lip liner in the shade going steady so light dusty mauve one of my most favorite kinds of colors.

Essence Advent Makeup Calendar 3
Essence Advent Makeup Calendar

Day 10:

They give you gift tags for attaching to presents; I mean yeah it’s a practical little thing but I would have liked to have seen another makeup product in its place.

Day 11:

You’re given another nail polish this is in the shade naughty or nice. it’s basically a blackened gray glitter finish polish really pretty.

Day 12:

Essence gives you a little bracelet that has the word believe with a pretty simple cute little design.

Day 13:

It’s an eyebrow pencil this is in the shade at number four blonde.

Day 14:

They included a nourishing hand cream and it does have some skincare properties to it. it contains shea butter coconut oil and sweet almond oil and it is very moisturizing to the skin.

Day 15:

You have a cute little bath balm. You just pop them into the tub they fizz up they make your bath water soft nice and relaxing way to spend a holiday evening with it.

Day 16:

another nail polish here this is their holly jolly Christmas mini nail polish I would describe this as a duo-chrome pinky tan. it’s a really pretty color.

Day 17:

You are given oil-control blotting papers. there are 30 sheets included in the pack and nothing really special about them. I mean I feel like if you’ve tried one blotting paper you’ve pretty much tried them all and these do a really good job of removing excess oil from the skin and if you have an oily complexion you’ll be happy to have them on hand.

Day 18:

They give you a color-changing lipstick at least that’s what it’s called. but it is more like a lip balm it’s not really a lipstick per se. it looks black but once you apply it on the skin it transforms into a pink this will stay in the lips by the way. pretty good product all the way around no complaints with this.

Day 19:

You are given a pocket mirror.

Essence Advent Makeup Calendar 2

Day 20:

There is another mini nail polish in the shade hohoho. it does a beautiful dusty rose color one of those great neutrals that I feel like is excellent to have on hand for any time of the year especially after the holidays are over.

Day 21:

They give you these stickers from makeup and the idea for these is that you can personalize your compacts your palettes any makeup product that you want with these cute little stickers. this is a cute little idea something fun to play around with.

Day 22:

You’re given another nail polish this is in the shade: meet me under the mistletoe. and I love this color this is one of those vampy shades that we always look for during this time of year. and it’s such a beautiful deep burgundy red simply gorgeous excellent for the holiday season.

Day 23:

You’re given ring and bracelet tattoos and these are just fun great way to change up your look if you want to do something different play around with your kids. I mean that’s what I plan to do with them!

Day 24:

It is the eyeshadow palette, it doesn’t have a name but it’s a mixture of mattes and shimmers and a neutral theme.
I typically have not ever been impressed with essence eyeshadows in the past, but I take that back because the pigmentation of this little palette is insane!

I was blown away by the color payoff that I was getting with these eyeshadows and they blend so well I don’t know what you’ve done essence with the formula in this little palette, but you need to do it across all of your palettes, because your regular palettes are not this good but this is surprising of excellent quality.
I really like the shade range that they included.


Essence did an excellent job of curating this collection and for the most part, everything that I tried was of sound quality. so even if you don’t get this advent calendar these are really beautiful products.
I think you would be most impressed both from a gift standpoint or if you want to get it for yourself.

So if you’re interested in it I’ll have it listed and linked for you below :

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