Adult Acne Causes and Treatment

About 20% of women suffer from adult acne, and while you may think it’s a thing of the past, some have it worse and when they were in their teens and today! so what are Adult Acne Causes and Treatment?

I’ve got surprising reasons for adult acting that are easily fixable. We usually break out along the hairline, around the nose on the chin sometimes between the eyes.

let’s start by what a pimple really is:

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If you zoom at the skin of the face just beneath, it under the hair, you’ve got these little follicles where the hair is made.

The little oil glands here push until it’s blocked off, and leads to the creation of bacteria, and makes it grow larger it swells it crosses pain and finally on the surface a huge juicy pimple.

When that happens, what you normally do is to pop it.
The tip to clean it up to get a needle clean needle and sort of Lance it and dig into your face.

What are Adult Acne Causes and Treatment?

I have a couple of tips for things that often are responsible, that most of you have never heard of before:

First Cause:

Surprising first reason for adult acne is your pillow. A beautiful pillowcase, after seven or eight hours a night, contains dirt and oil and bacteria from your face, your hands, your hair, and stuff from the environment, that it all gets onto this beautiful pillowcase.

Then that dirt is transferred back into your face clogging up the pores.

Second Cause:

Here’s the double surprise the pillowcase is only part of the problem, if you pull that pillowcase off, the other big problem is the actual pillow itself.

Inside the case is also all these junk breeds bacteria and other kinds of contaminants. you sweat on a pillowcase you’re sweating on the pillow itself.


You actually have to wash the pillowcase once a week and the pillows themselves every six months.

Third Cause:

surprising reason that adults do, comes also from while you sleep.

You put moisturizer on your hands and arms and when you go to sleep at night you put your hand under your face.

Then the hand cream on your hands moved to your cheek. This isn’t face-cream, it is called hand-cream for a reason.


Your solution is to find a moisturizer that’s called non-comedogenic.
comedogenic means causing pimples, so a non-pimple cream and anything promotes acne has to be avoided.

Here is a list of five things that are commonly found in products they’re good for your hands and not good for your face:
coconut oil, algae extract, chloride (that’s salt folks), sulfate and steroids.

Fourth Cause:

The next surprising reason you get adult acne is in medications. And some of them are not what you’d expect. Acne is a side effect you people can get with their medications.
if you have a sudden eruption that looks like this picture:

The reason behind it is probably your multivitamin that has iodine in it.
you can get iodine from having table salt that has iodine and you don’t have to get it from a vitamin.

frankly many can cause acne but the most common ones are anabolic steroids.

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